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“I am convinced more and more day by day that fine writing is next to fine doing,
the top thing in the world.”

--John Keats


John Reed

John R. Reed

John is the author of two novels, Thirteen Mountain and The Kingfisher's Call, as well as numerous shorter non-fiction works. He has conducted writing workshops, classes and seminars around the country for the past 20 years; his sensitive and insightful critiques have inspired hundreds of writers. His classes on the novel, short stories, essays and magazine writing have given many students a stepping stone to publication. John is a presenter at the Maui Writer’s Conference and the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference.

Jodi Henry


Jodi Henry

Jodi Henry has an extensive background as a journalist, copywriter and editor in both corporate and non-profit environments. Her experience in public relations, journalism, grant writing and editing emphasizes her attention to detail, structure and continuity.

She is also an essayist and her work has appeared in various publications. She brings a fresh, innovative perspective to solving writing problems unique to non-fiction writers.

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